Looking for combat photographers and correspondents from the Vietnam War

Maggie J. Gilchrest

Maggie J. Gilchrest

Maggie J. Gilchrest, with the Vietnam Center & Archive at Texas Tech University, is trying to find combat photographers and correspondents from the Vietnam War for a special project she is doing and has asked us to help get the word out.

She is working on a project that is primarily her thesis/dissertation and she will be donating all of her materials to the Vietnam Center & Archive after she has completed her research. She would like to contact veterans and take their oral histories for the archive. As you know, each vet has a story and the Vietnam Center & Archive oral history project is dedicated to preserving these stories/memories so that students, scholars and other veterans can access them through our center and virtual archive.

If you have not visited the Vietnam Center & Archive, she encourages you to find out what it’s all about by visiting their website: http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/

She is really amazed by the work they do there in their endeavor to accumulate, preserve and extend the knowledge about the war in Vietnam and is extremely thankful to be a student assistant with the center.

The best way to contact me is via E-mail: maggie.j.gilchrest@ttu.edu